Cessna 400 door installation

Over the summer we where give a task of replacing a Cessna 400 door that was caught in the wind a ripped from its hinges.  The aircraft itself  was undamaged, the door took the majority of the impact.  the door hinges and part of the door broke.

FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (2)

We ordered a new door, started to fit it into the opening.  Replaced the old hinges and gas strut.  then we found our that the locking pins didn’t match up with the holes in the  door jam.


The bigger hole is where the anchor bolt originally went.


The aircraft with the door strapped down. It was necessary to get a tight fit.

So we proceeded to move the the anchor bolts that held the door shut. to do this we had to strap down the door so it had a tight fit as the new insets set up.


We painted the door and another happy customer.

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