My daughters pedal plane! A beautiful Beech G17!

Hello all,

Last summer I decided to build my two and a half year old daughter a pedal plane for Christmas.  So, I looked a round for a kit and found a website that sells plans and kits for a variety of planes,  I am a big fan of antique and classic civilian aircraft, I just like the design, style and comfort they put into the planes during the “golden age” of flying.  I decided to order the Beech G17.  It was about $500 for the for the full kit, I didn’t want to waste my time trying to figure out how to make a part when I could buy the part already manufactured.  It took a while to get the kit, I guess the company had to make all the part.


19 August 2017 – This was more or less the first stage. aligning the seat bottom and top of the cockpit with the two sides.  One thing I found out early is that there are really no measurements in the instructions, there are a series of holes to “match up” with other holes.



30 Sept 2017 – After about three or four weeks of trying to fit and refit parts, this is my first mock up of the wing to the fuselage.  There is still a lot of sanding and cutting to get them to a place where they are square and true to the fuselage.


8 October 2017 – Got the wings all fitted with the tailwheel on.


4 November 2017 – Fitted the landing gear.


12 November 2018 –  Fitting the landing gear, flying wires and propeller.   I found the propeller on E-bay, polished it up and paint the tips yellow.

IMG_339116 Dec 2017 – About two weeks before christmas I was scrambling to find time to finish the G17 pedal plane.  That weekend I fitted the metal cowl, propeller and spinner.  The cowl came in the kit, the spinner did as well, it was a piece of wood shaped like a spinner dome.  I thought I could do better, I bought a A65 Continental skull cap from Aircraft Spruce and it fit perfectly, I got Tony from T-Fab to weld me up a spinner back plate, it turned out great.  Watch video IMG_3426

23 December 2107 –  I finally decided to make a stand with the pedal plane.  I was going to stay at the shop until it was done. The plane was pretty much done, everything was glued, sanded  and screwed together  The main body of the plane was painted Marigold Yellow.  All the parts were painted, everything was ready to be installed.  I just had to apply the Beechcraft “speed bird” and trim, then do the final assembly.  The kit gave you black decals that had to be cut out and then applied.  I decided to mask off the whole plane and shoot the trim with Regal Blue.  I also installed a leather interior, I glued some Burgundy leather to the sides of the plane and wrapped the seat cushions with it.  Not bad.  I used an extra Funk yoke I had laying a round for the steering mechanism.  I got tot the shop at 9 am on the 23rd and didn’t leave until 2 am Christmas Eve morning.   But it was done!

IMG_3433 IMG_3439 IMG_3436


Here it is outside in better lighting!  Not bad if I say so myself!



Looks like Santa Claus visited!


She may be a bit small for the big G17, but she will grow.

Fly Safe!

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