Broken lower nose gear bracket!

Last week we received a squawk form one of our customers about a Cessna 182 that was flying with too much left trim, all of it in fact.  Along with this observation the aircraft would not turn to the right while taxiing.  So we started in with the rudder  system, rudder trim system and steering system.  Essentially one big system.

After rigging those systems we found the problem still persisted.  We did it again following the manual in detail.  Still no fix!

We took off the off the bottom cowl completely to get a good look at the steering.

That’s when we found it.  The real culprit, a broken lower nose gear bracket.  IMG_3802Above is a pic of the lower nose gear bracket (left) and the nose landing gear (right).   At some point the bracket broke and the problem with the trim and steering became the symptoms.


This was a very lucky situation because the plane was  flown several more times before our mechanics could get to it.  We really took a hard look at the upper nose gear bracket to make sure no damage was done to it or the fire wall, since that was the only thing holding the nose gear to the aircraft.



IMG_3831We removed the nose landing gear and lower nose gear bracket.  Fitted the lower nose gear bracket, reinstalled the nose landing gear and re-rigged the rudder, rudder trim and steering.





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