Barn Find!!!!

Last week I was approached by two gentlemen to “cover” their airplane.  They explained that the plane needed to be covered and assembled.  I agreed to come take a look.  I drove to meet one of them so I could follow them to where the plane was being stored.  we Drove on city streets them he turned off the road into a field, not a road, not a trail, but a field.  drove back for about a quarter mile to an old horse barn.  Inside that horse barn was an old Piper J-4 Cub Coupe.  A real barn find, dusty, dirty and needing a lot of work. IMG_3824

The wings were off and the tail feathers were scattered about the barn, but for the most part the plane was all there.


The only piece that seems to be missing was the cowling.


Everything was in tatters, The whole plane needed to be striped down to bare metal and start over.  However, the plane was in good structural condition.  IMG_3821

The boot cowl and cockpit seem to be relatively intact.

The other thing that I was glad to see were all the extra parts that are present, including a whole other fuselage.


The engine, a Continental A-75, was sitting on the floor of the tact room.

Hopefully we can make a deal to help these guys get this plane back in the air!!!


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