Services & Prices


  • 100-hour, Annual & Primary Inspections
  • Condition inspections for experimental aircraft
  • Pre-buy purchase inspections
  • Airworthiness Directive compliance
  • Fleet services, i.e. survey aircraft & club aircraft
  • Ferry permits
  • Airworthiness certification
  • Sheet metal repair and fabrication
  • Oxygen service
  • Speedy landing gear service and tire change
  • Engine repair & assembly
  • Speedy oil changes
  • Aircraft fabric application and repair
  • Aircraft engine, airframe & accessory consulting
  • Aircraft wood working
  • ADSB installation
  • Magneto repair & 500-hours inspections
  • Removal of disabled aircraft from runway and taxi ways.
  • Emergency Maintenance
  • Aircraft parts sales

For questions about services, pricing or payments, please contact us.



  • Shop rate is $95.00 per man hour
  • Shop rate increases to $105.00 per man hour if:
    • Work is done outside our shop, PWA Hanger 1502
    • Customer requires expedited work that pulls us away from another customer or must be performed after hours

Annual Inspections

  • Annual Inspection prices are different for all makes, models and individual aircraft, please call for a price quote on your aircraft.
  • All annual inspections include:
    • Inspection phase
    • AD search
    • AD compliance for tasks under 1 hour.
    • Minor tasks, i.e. tire change, light bulb change, minor adjustment to flight controls, etc.  Any task under 3 hours.
    • Major tasks will be charged extra, i.e. cylinder changes, sheetmetal repairs, flight control removal, landing gear removal, etc.  Owner will be informed before work is started.

We are in the business of keeping your aircraft airworthy safely and affordably.  When we are tasked to do an annual inspection we perform an full inspection phase and full repair phase on an aircraft.  

  • All prices for annual inspections are based on past experience for each model/type.
  • 100 hour and pre-buy inspections are 50% less than the annual for that type.
  • Boomtown Aviation reserves the right to determine how to charge extra for certain tasks.
  • Customer can provide parts for their aircraft. However, ALL parts must have proper paperwork and tags.
  • Boomtown Aviation WILL NOT INSTALL any part that does not have the proper paperwork.


Payment will be made promptly upon receiving the invoice for the job completed.  When payment is received in full, at that time the aircraft’s logbooks will be returned.

Late and Delinquent Payments

  • If payment is not made within 10 business days a surcharge of 10% will be added to the existing bill as well as a $500 charge for storage of aircraft.
  • If payment is not made within 20 business days a surcharge of 25% will be added to the total of the existing bill, penalty and storage fees owed against the aircraft and a $500 charge for storage of aircraft.
  • If payment is not made within 40 business days an airman’s lien will be placed on the aircraft for 200% of the total existing bill, penalty and storage fees and a $500 charge for storage of aircraft per week.
  • Payment to release an aircraft lien will be made in full and in cash. No exceptions.

No partial payments will be accepted. No exceptions.


  • Boomtown Aviation will warranty all labor for up to five (5) flight hours or 20 days after the job invoice has been presented to the customer.
  • If there is a discrepancy found within this time frame, Boomtown Aviation will provide the labor needed to correct the problem.
  • Parts will be charged to the customer.


  • Boomtown Aviation is not an avionics shop.  A simple communications test with the local ATC will be conducted and the defects will be noted.
  • Boomtown Aviation does not service coms, navs, GPSs, autopilots or avionic equipment.
  • We can help the customer make arrangements for avionics repair while we service the rest of the aircraft.